Hello, readers here and there!

I have created this about page so viewers are able to learn more about me, my reviews, and this blog in general.

About this blog:

  The Book Garden is my blog where I share my love of books to the world. I participate in weekly memes such as Waiting on Wednesday, and do posts about my reviews for books. I sometimes do other features such as BIW, which stands for Books I Want, and is a post I do once and awhile about books I am looking forward to reading. Please be aware that I try as hard as I can to be respectful and voice my opinion. The Book Garden is a book blog, where everyone should be respected, but the blog is mostly to have fun and share your love of books!   If you wish to contact me with any questions, I will post a place where you can contact me very soon. For the time being, just ask away in the comments section on my posts. I always check them and reply back. Also, please do not use rude language or anything inappropriate, as I want to keep a happy, friendly blog where anybody is welcome!

About My Reviews:
  I read and review YA books, the majority of them being fiction. I will sometimes read and review Middle Grade literature, but it's very rare for me, so there will only be a few book reviews for that type of book. If you wish to know more about how I rate each book I read and review, from 1-5 stars, please see my "My Star Rating" page. This is just about the content of the reviews of books I post.

 As a general rule for myself, I do not post reviews for books with spoilers in them. My reviews will feature things I enjoyed, things I noticed, or things that I disliked throughout the book. It does depend on the book, so if I love a book, there may not be anything negative in my review. Please note that I do try and be respectful, as everybody has a different opinion, so I am polite about that. However, I will put my thoughts forward, but in a respectful manner. My reviews will also feature my comments on the plot, the characters, the writing, the setting, and many times a whole paragraph of my review will be devoted to one or two of those topics. I do not always mention each, but most of the time I will have a comment on those four areas, as they are the things that really make up a novel for me. Sometimes I will just have a brief mention, or not include the plot or another area so I don't spoil anything! In my reviews I will try to have a summary, sometimes from Goodreads, and sometimes one I make up myself. I will have a rating out of five stars, if it is part of a series, the author, the cover, and the number of pages.

About Me:

  I am just another lover of YA literature who wants to share their love of books to the world. I live in a small town that is so small, it's not featured on most maps. Outside of reading, I enjoy fencing and horseback riding. They are two of my favourite activities, and I spend alot of time in my lessons for each activity. I also love nature photography, interior design, and writing (my biggest dream is to be a NYT bestselling author......but that's a big dream.)


The Book Gardener