Friday, November 5, 2010

Gone by Michael Grant

Author: Michael Grant
Pages: 558
Gone Saga #1
My Rating: 5/5 stars
My Favourite Things about Gone:
-The Characters
-The blood pumping, constant action
-The Writing

My Review:
Gone exceeded my expectations for a great book. I am looking forward to more by Michael Grant. He’s a great author, and he wrote Gone with everything genre mixed in. Thriller, horror, sci-fi, fiction, romance. It was phenomenal! As soon as I finished, I went online and ordered Hunger from the local library.

Two things I was doing repetively while I read Gone: gasping and flinching. Gone really makes your heart pound, your hands all sweaty, not to mention a shortness of breath. An a-maz-ing sci-fi, thriller, horror YA novel!

Gone has everything going on at once, with so many characters, and incredibly exciting things happening in each chapter. I was really on the edge of my seat. This book really held of sense of mystery, and I was anxious to read on to find out all about the FAYZ. How did it happen? It’s really quite confusing and frustrating because you don’t know how this came to be. What’s on the other side of the FAYZ is another question. But that was also part of the mystery and the fun of reading this book.

My favourite characters were probably all of them. (Except maybe a few…….)I loved each character for a certain trait they possessed. Edilio for his determination, Sam for his just-wanting-to-fit-in hero rep (he also sounds cute), Diana for her come-backs and personality. She's a real witch,though, with a tad of a good side? The only characters I did not like were probably Drake, Britney, a couple others. Of the characters I liked, there were things I hated. I love the fact that Astrid is able to come over her personal obstacles, but she is still being a complete know-it-all.

The romance in this book was great. I enjoyed reading about Sam and Astrid’s relationship in the FAYZ. There wasn’t much else to focus on in the romance area, though.

The ending where all the excitement happens was amazing and long, just like I like it. Everything was happening at once, and I loved how all the characters are blended together at the end, in one big battle.

Overall, Gone was an amazing novel and I cannot wait to read the next one.

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