Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Author: Ally Condie
My Rating: 5/5 stars
Published by Penguin
Why I liked this book:
-The Beautiful Quotes
-The Detailed Dystopian World
-The Writing
My Review:

  I just finished Matched a few hours ago, and I am trying to catch my breath. Matched is by far one of the best books I've read this year. It's heartbreaking, and beautiful in every way.

  Matched is the story of Cassia, who lives in a dystopian world called "The Society." The Officials of The Society decide everything; who you marry, where you work, when you die. Cassia, like everyone else, has always followed The Society without question, and she believes that their way is the right way. That assumption changes for Cassia on the night of her Matching Banquet, which happens when a person turns 17. They are matched to their ideal mate, the person they will marry, have children with, and spend that rest of their life with. Against all odds, Cassia is matched with her best friend Xander. But when she goes to learn more about her match, another boy's face flashes on the screen. Cassia is now faced with choices: between Xander and the other boy, Ky, whether to follow The Society, and to live a controlled life. Will she be able to go down a path nobody has ever dared to follow?

   Matched is beautiful, and I finished this book in less than 24 hours. The very first thing that I noticed when I started reading was the writing. Ally Condie has wonderful, descriptive writing that seeps into you. There were so many wonderful lines entertwined into this book. They are so heartbreaking, or romantic, and they made me pause to re-read them.

  The plot in this book was quieter, or rather there is not much action. I'm not saying that this book wasn't entertaining, I just thought that there were more hidden messages written into this book, instead of big explosions of action. The messages were fantastic, and the book also focuses more on how the main character, Cassia, changes, and begins to want to make her own choices. It focuses on how she changes and realises many things about The Society.

   Another of my favourite things about Matched is the clever world building Ally Condie has used. This book is very detailed on how "The Society's" dystopian world functions. It's very intriguing and creative, but is very focused on the world that the characters live in, and every little thing that The Society has enforced.  It leaves no room for wondering or questioning.

   The characters were intriguing, though there are not many important ones. Cassia is an amazing main character. At first, she believes that The Society is right, and is there only for good, and making sure that everyone has a perfect life, but she slowly starts to change her view on things. I loved how, at first, it is obviously shown through her how the people in The Society are controlled, and do not think for themselves. As for Xander and Ky, they were both amazing characters, but if anybody does the team-thing, I am totally on Team Ky! His and Cassia's relationship was so enjoyable, and so full of wonderful, heart swelling lines that made me sigh, or really created an impact on me.  As for the other characters, let's just say that they are all intriguing characters, and do play a big part in the meaning of Cassia's decisions and actions, and play important roles!

  Overall, I loved this book, and again, it is so so beautiful.

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