Wednesday, January 5, 2011


WoW stands for Waiting on Wednesday, which is hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. It's a meme hosted each Wednesday, where you sign up at Breaking the Spine and then do a post about a book you are anticipating the release of. Head over to Breaking the Spine to sign up or find out more! And WoW of the week!

                                                          Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
                                                             Release Date: July 12th 2011
                                                         Witches War #2 (First Nightshade)

There's no official summary yet, but otherwise, have a great day full of books...........and excitement over books you are just dying to read.




BLHmistress said...

I really need to read Nightshade but I want this one too from all the good things I have seen around.


Lazy Girl said...

Haha, very cool. I'm new to your blog and I'm about to go check out your Dresses Blog because I too am crazy for them!!

Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

Athena Reader said...

I know that this has nothing to do with your WoW, but I just wanted to tell you that the end of Demonglass is a cliffhanger that leaves you, like, WHAAAAT??? Just thought you should know, 'cause I know you really liked Hex Hall.