Friday, February 25, 2011

US vs. UK (Unearthly)

Cover vs. Cover is a post I do every two weeks. Basically, I feature two different covers of the same could be the movie cover and the original cover, the US vs another internation cover, or even a paperback and a hardcover. After the post, you can head over to my sidebar to pick the cover you love the best.

This week it's US vs. Australia of Unearthly by Cynthia Hand!

Here's the very nice US cover:

And here's the uber pretty Australian cover:

I, personally, like the Australian cover better. I do love the US one too, but I love the forest and the girl's gorgeous red dress. It's very eye popping. Which one do you like better? Have a favorite? Vote!

Also- the last US vs. UK (which was Die For Me by Amy Plum) poll winner was Die For Me's UK cover. Here's the cover that won:
It had 5 votes, the US one had two, and the "both" option (which will no longer be available) had two votes.
Die for Me
That's a lovely winner!

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