Friday, July 1, 2011

Harry Potter Days

Let me tell you a bit about my experience with Harry Potter: it's my favourite thing in the whole world! I read the books many years ago, and fell in love with them from the first day. I just re-read the series for the eighth or ninth time, I watch the movies all the time and I used to have tons of posters and Harry Potter things in my room. (They're mostly in my closet now.) Yeah, I am a Harry Potter nerd. It's a bit of a comfort in my life....If I'm ever scared or upset or angry, I'll turn to a Harry Potter book and read a bit. So, as the LAST HARRY POTTER movie is coming out in two weeks, I have decided to celebrate here at the Book Garden by posting a few times a week about all things Harry Potter! You'll still see reviews, Waiting on Wednesday posts, In My Mailbox posts, but there will be lots of days where the posts will be about Harry Potter. **Also, on July 5th, I have an interview with debut author Sarah Porter (author of Lost Voices,) on the blog.*** I hope you'll stop in for the Harry Potter festivities!

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