Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Book Garden's First Birthday!

I looked over at my sidebar today and realized that today is The Book Garden's FIRST BIRTHDAY! YEAH! I know that is incredibly boring for most of you out there, but it is exciting for my blog and I. (Now I sound bonkers, talking about my blog as if it's a real person.) But I can! Because it is the Book Garden's BIRTHDAY! One year of blogging about books......boy, was it fun. I will gladly continue for years to come.

Do you like my special birthday cake?

It's also a bit of a coincidence that I got a new design for my blog today. Total makeover....I guess it's The Book Garden's present. I feel like I should do a giveaway or something, but since I already have one going on, (if you follow my blog, once I reach 100 followers, you have a chance of winning a fantastic book,) I'll probably do one in October or November.  

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