Thursday, October 14, 2010

Continuing on!

I'm pretty sure I spelled continuing wrong, but I'm in a rush, so whatever. Something happend, the computer screwed up, I don't know, so now here's the rest of the blogpost, plus The Dark Divine.

The Dark Divine
Author: Bree Despain
My Rating: 5/5 stars
My Favourite things about The Dark Divine:
-The love story
-The characters
-It's centering on family
-the plot
-The "urbat"/Hounds of Heaven were very intricately woven, and detailed
My Review:

OMG. The Dark Divine was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

First of all, I was hooked from page one, and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!! I was drawn firstly in by the great cover, and the book inside the cover did not dissapoint.
In a way, it was a different type of YA fantasy to me, even if it is the boy and girl situation.

First of all, Grace new Daniel before. She, Jude and Daniel were inseperable when they were young, and from the memories that Grace calls upon in The Dark Divine, they seemed as if they had a very close bond. I loved seeing that, as this book is full of new bonds, former bonds, friendship and love.

The characters were great. Grace is sourounded by her family, which is rare in a YA book. I liked how Jude played a big part in it.
As for Daniel, wow! I loved him, he was a great character, the perfect werewolf guy. Grace was a strong main character, very headstrong, and I liked her for that.

The werewolf thing was different. In each book I read of werewolves, it's different, and of all I read in this book, it was very clear and one of my favourite opinions on them. I liked the reference of the dogs of death/hounds of heaven. There was alot of detail about the mythological creature concerend in The Dark Divine. It came very greatly appreciated.

The romance in The Dark Divine, for me, it made sparks fly. It is very well done, and Grace and Daniel are one of my favourite couples.
My favourite parts would probably be the exciting climax and the scene in the garden of angels. It seemed to have a very special meaning.

AS for the climax, wow. What happend at the end was very unexpected, and I probably chewed of half my nails while reading. (I don't even bite my nails!) Oh my gosh!!!

Overall, The Dark Divine was great! A phenomenal debut, and one of my new favourites. This book will never be forgotten, and I can't wait for the second!!!!!!

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