Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wondrous Strange

Wondrous Strange
Author: Lesley Livingston
Pages: 336
My Rating: 5/5 stars
My Favourite Things about Wondrous Strange:
-The Writing/description
-The Setting
The Mythology of Fae

My Review:

Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston was another great take on the world of faery. I was drawn in right from the beginning, and held in until the very last words.

Loved this book! I loved loved loved it!!!!! I bought a paperback of Wondrous Strange quite along time ago, and I would have bought a hardcover..... or.... trade paperback. (I'm pretty sure it came out originally in trade paperback.) I would have bought it in that version!

Kelley was a fiery main character, but with a tad of innocence. She was quirky, curious but a great main character, an interesting read. I really loved the tie-ins with Shakespeare’s play, a midsummer night’s dream, and how that connected to her, the faerie world and Sonny.
Sonny was a great guy, sounding all tall, dark and handsome. Loved him! He and Kelley have a great relationship that makes sparks fly.

The secondary characters were just as great, can't wait to hear more from Tiff, "Fred", Fenris, etc. They just added that extra touch that made Wondrous Strange awesome. But everything else is just as awesome!!!

The faery courts in this book were amazing. Wondrous Strange really had all the strong elements of an amazing book. It blew my mind. I finished it in one day! The faery courts in this book were intense and mystifying. They left a lot trailing. I loved each court for a certain thing, but the fall court most of all. How a midsummer night’s dream was wound in with the courts and the world of faery was spectacular. I really leave a lot unsaid here, because the world of faery in this book held such a special and refreshing meaning to me, which is really hard to describe. I can’t put the right words down.

Lesley Livingston has such fresh, breathtaking writing. Wondrous Strange has great description.

This book was full of so much magic, and with a whole wack of different events and scenes that I have never seen done before. Like I said, Lesley has a new voice, using things that are new and definetely not oversone. Like Lucky in the bathtub? So charming! Loved it! I loved the use of the faery gates, the scenes in Central Park. The description was amazing, Lesley Livingston really painting and writing the scenery here! Wondrous Strange was so well described. Yeah... I know I said that before, but it is true!

How Kelley came to discover her real heritage and who or what she was, was not determined in Wondrous Strange entirely, which leaves promise for her exact existence in the sequel. I loved how she found out she was a faery. How she had grown up with her ‘aunt’ and she has that necklace that she has always worn. Plot was awesome.....great, yay yay yay!

Many things that happened in this book came unexpected as I read on. The magic seemed to leave ribbons wrapping around all of it. What happened really seemed to depend on what was said and what happened in the book. There were many entertaining scenes in this book. I read on and on, on the edge. Even regular comments in Wondrous Strange seemed exciting.

The ending was incredible. How everything came together was spectacular and powerful. So much happened, with a huge amount of description, and surprising results. The ending seemed wild and free. All the magic of the courts and the characters was bound together.

Wondrous Strange had the most special touch of magic that gave me shivers. Can't wait for more!! Kelley and Sonny have won my heart....I'd read anything by Lesley Livingston.
Overall, Wondrous Strange was spellbinding.

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