Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Author: Suzanne Collins
My Rating: 5/5 stars
Pages: 391
Book #3 of The Hunger Games
What I liked about it:
-The Ending
-The Characters
-The Emotional level
-The constant action
My Review:

Mockingjay was absolutely amazing. It took my breath away. All the words to describe how much I love this book and the whole trilogy don't exist. I've found it hard to write a review for this book. I'm in awe, but I'm also sad. Sad? Why?

Well, because this fantastic trilogy is over. I am excited to read it over and over again, though. I spent eight months waiting for Mockingjay, extremley agitated and excited. Sure I knew that this was going to be the final book, but the words never really sunk in properly. When I finished Mockingjay-(I tried to read it slowly, bits and pieces at a time, but I ended up reading it in less then a day), I walked around for about an hour, feeling really strange and empty. (Okay, I admit I'm a big drama queen, but it's totally true!) Sure, I love love lovvvvved the ending, but it was the end of Katniss and Peeta's story, and even though it was amazing, I was sad it ended. It's weird, because when you wait a long time for a book to come out, it feels strange to finally get your hands on it.

There was a bit of screaming, random hugging and jumping when I got Mockingjay. There was a glow of warm happiness that lasted from the very start of the book, to the very end. I felt like a was in a dream, and for the first hour after I got it, I literally could not stand a minute without shaking, giggling silently or grinning like a mad person. I had to put the book down for an hour-(it turned into an extremley long hour!)to finish up something of major importance, but I had to keep going back and check to make sure that Mockingjay was still in my bag. Again, dramatic, but it was the truth. You're also probably going to think I have a pretty pathetic life. (I really hope I don't!) I loved Mockingjay so much from page 1, that by page 20, it felt like I didn't have enough pages left to read. I was about half way through before I had to go to bed, because I was traveling with friends and we were staying in the same room, and the whole night felt like christmas eve. I felt like a kid on Christmas, who is so excited, she can never get to sleep. When she finally does, she wakes up multiple times and then once it's morning, she's awake long before everybody else. My eyes were absolutely glued to the pages with Mockingjay.

The suspense and action was almost always there. I found it so thrilling, like being on a big roller coaster ride. Mockingjay, (just like The Hunger Games and Catching Fire) was hard to predict what was going to happen next. I was literally on the edge of my seat all the time. These books are always fantastic, amazing, thrilling, nail biting, enthralling, etc, etc, etc.

On the characters, Katniss's emotional level in this book had matured/progressed alot from the last books. Her actions and nerve in this book was something I would have never imagined prior to Mockingjay. Go Katniss!!! She's a great main character, a strong female lead, and Mockingjay really enhances on it. Again, the first person present tense narration was great.

I like the fact that Gale was in this book alot more then in the previous novels. Even though it was definetley proved and explained before, his and Katniss's friendship was shown greatly in this book. Gale's part of a great group in this story. But Katniss's chemistry is still with Peeta. Team Peeta all the way!

Onto Peeta now. I absolutely love Peeta. What the capitol did to him in this book was so harsh and so terrible in my opinion. I think, since he plays the almost-perfect sweet boy, it was something that improved on his character, but I still thought, Poor Peeta.

Johanna Mason was a character I liked alot better in this book than in Catching Fire. I like that she and Katniss start to develop a friendship. She's fiery with great comebacks, and some things she said in this book were quite comical.

Prim. Sob. I won't give away what happens, though. She was a great little sister for Katniss and it was shown so strongly of how much Katniss loved her. (Well...... isn't it kinda the reason that Katniss was in the games...?)

Finnick. Urghh! I loved Finnick in Catching Fire, and I loved him even more I Mockingjay. I'm just gonna say I was so mad about what goes on with him!!!

All the other characters were either sweet, caring, funny, annoying or ruthless. Suzanne Collins has crafted some of the most unforgettable characters ever.

But the ending was absolutely stunning. Amazing. Beautiful. All the words to describe the ending colud fill up the whole universe. The events in Mockingjay were all full of aciton and absolutely spectacular. Not much more to say about that.

Overall, The Hunger Games is a trilogy that is everything. It really makes you stop and think. Suzanne Collins has won me over. The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay are books that change how you view your life.


Alison said...

Hey there. I'm a new follower. I enjoyed Mockingjay although it was my least fav of the three. I'm very annoyed with how they dealt with Finnick too.

BLHmistress said...

Hi , added this to my list I heard such great things about the Hunger Games series


Laurel said...

Hi Alison,

Thanks for following my blog! I can't say which one is my favorite in the series, but with Finnick......

Laurel said...

Hey BLHmistress,

Thank you too for following my blog! You should definitely read The Hunger Games, it is amazing! I'm going to post reviews soon for The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, so if you would like, check back to read those reviews!