Monday, August 29, 2011

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Blood Red Road (Dustlands, #1)

Blood Red Road
Author: Moira Young
Published by Margaret K. McElderry
Release Date: June 7th 2011
Pages: 459
Source: Library
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Summary: (From Goodreads)
 Saba has spent her whole life in Silverlake, a dried-up wasteland ravaged by constant sandstorms. The Wrecker civilization has long been destroyed, leaving only landfills for Saba and her family to scavenge from. That's fine by her, as long as her beloved twin brother Lugh is around. But when a monster sandstorm arrives, along with four cloaked horsemen, Saba's world is shattered. Lugh is captured, and Saba embarks on an epic quest to get him back.
Suddenly thrown into the lawless, ugly reality of the world outside of desolate Silverlake, Saba is lost without Lugh to guide her. So perhaps the most surprising thing of all is what Saba learns about herself: she's a fierce fighter, an unbeatable survivor, and a cunning opponent. And she has the power to take down a corrupt society from the inside. Teamed up with a handsome daredevil named Jack and a gang of girl revolutionaries called the Free Hawks, Saba stages a showdown that will change the course of her own civilization.
Blood Red Road has a searing pace, a poetically minimal writing style, violent action, and an epic love story. Moira Young is one of the most promising and startling new voices in teen fiction.

My Review:
Blood Red Road is a book that absolutely blew me away! I borrowed this one from the library, and I can say with complete trueness that I would buy a hardcover of it, and would reserve a specific space for it on my favorites shelf. Wowza, this is one heck of a book!

Even though I had heard so many good things about this book, I was skeptical at first. I think it was the way this book used no quotations for talking that bugged me, or maybe the way it's written. It bugged me for the first few pages, but I gradually got used to it, and even started to enjoy it. I think it gave Blood Red Road an extra special touch. The writing was often comical and I think it really defined Saba as a character, and gave this book great character itself. It became a great part of this book.  Moira Young is a talented writer. I would eagerly read whatever she writes. Just sayin'.

The characters were something else. They really were something else. Oh, Saba! I don't think I have come across such a strong willed and fierce heroine in a long time! She's brave and harsh and honest, she is definitely a breath of fresh air. She's very intense, which is a great change for me in a main character. In some ways, Saba was also a character very easy to relate to. I have to admit......I need more JACK! I fell head over heels in love with him....I enjoyed reading the lip action between him and Saba. He was such a charmer! All the other characters....Emmy, Lugh, and the FreeHawks were excellent editions to Blood Red Road. I would definitely welcome revisiting them!

Everything was excellent about this book....but the plot was really something. There was practically never any lull in the story. CONSTANT ACTION! One flame blowing event to another. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time reading.

Blood Red Road was also scooped up for film rights. The movie is set to be released in 2014. I must say, if it does become a movie, I would love to see it. I think it would make a great movie.

Everybody should read Saba's story. This is one of the most incredible books I read this summer. If you haven't read Blood Red Road......why the heck not?! Please excuse me while I go gush about this book to everybody I know.

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